Pet Transportation Overland



Transporting your pet overland from, or to, the UK from, or to, the Canary Islands.

1From port of departure this service takes just 4 - 5 days from, or to, the Canary Islands to reach the destination door.  This is an alternative to flying your pet and although this option takes days rather than hours, we feel that, for nervous pets in particular, this is a less stressful way to travel.
We tell you the exact day that your pet will be collected from home and the exact day of arrival at destination residence.  


  • This is a premium, bespoke, door to door service where the driver cares for your pet along the way.  
  • Cats travel in a large cage with their favourite bedding, toys, water & food bowls and cat litter tray (which is changed when soiled).
  • Dogs are exercised (and ´emptied´) every two hours when on the road and are housed in the onboard kennels (which are accessible and regularly checked by the driver) when on the ferry.

How it works
1 You complete our pet enquiry form.
1 We agree a price and travel schedule and reserve space on our van and the ferry.
1 We agree a date for collection and delivery.
1 We promise that your pet is looked after and given TLC throughout their journey with us!
As pet owners ourselves we are committed to ensuring that your pet receives the best level of care possible to ensure a stress free and safe journey.






Our Location

Calle Barcina Nº6, Poligono Industrial de El Matorral, Pto. del Rosario 35600, Fuerteventura.


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Contact Details

  • Opening hours From 09.30am To 16.30 hours | Monday to Friday
  • Tel: Office (0034) 928 344 580 | Out of Hours (0034) 666 504 625
  • Email:
English Enquiries (0034) 666 504 625
Spanish enquiries (0034) 747 722 197